The emblem, slogan and the mascot of IChO2022 has been released


On June 10, the Organizing Committee of the 54th International Chemistry Olympiad held a press conference to officially release the emblem, slogan and mascot.

The emblem is composed of a blast furnace, a seal, a few auspicious clouds, Olympic rings and other elements. Alchemy is the earliest chemical application in China. The furnace represents the origin of chemistry and pays tribute to the International Chemistry Olympiad held in Beijing in 1995. The seal, which is a traditional Chinese cultural symbol, serves as the symbol of the host country, and pays tribute to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. As to the auspicious clouds, there is an old Chinese saying, the meeting of wind and clouds,’ which is a metaphor for a capable person meeting a good opportunity, to express that this event is a great opportunity for leading young chemical students from all over the world to display their talent. The colors of the Olympic rings are used to color the auspicious clouds, symbolizing the inheritance of the International Olympic spirit. Students from five continents gather in one event and compete together. Pale purple, also known as ‘Nankai University purple’, reflects the enthusiasm of Nankai University to welcome guests from all over the world and its determination to run this competition well.

The slogan is ‘Change, Creation, Fusion’. The form of the slogan adopts a catchy parallel sentence pattern that has not been used in the previous IChO. Among them, ‘change’ and ‘creation’ are the essence of chemistry, reflecting the important role of chemistry in the process of world evolution and development. ‘Fusion’ embodies the meaning not only for blending and integration of chemical materials as well as for multiple cultures of mankind. Therefore, ‘fusion’ aims to echo the furnace in the emblem of IChO2022. To ‘change’ reflects China's proposition that science and technology are for social good, that science and technology are involved in social governance, and that science and technology can better contribute to human well-being. ‘Creation’ is more about innovation, which begins in childhood: we need to be good at innovation, be brave about innovation, and be responsible regarding innovation.

The mascot The prototype of the mascot is a golden monkey, also known as the snub-nosed monkey, is one of the best-known endangered wild animals in China. The name of IChO2022 is called ‘Kem’, named after the English word of ‘Chemistry’. Kem always wears a pair of lab goggles, and enjoys exploring new ideas in the lab. The look highlighting that IChO is an International event for young chemistry enthusiasts. Kem is also inspired by the popular figure Monkey King (Sun Wukong, simplflied:孙悟空), from Journey to the West. This mascot is seen as the modern version, who is passionate about chemistry and remains curiosity, it intends to inspire young people from all over the world to love science and enjoy IChO.