Dear Chairman Mr. Wan Gang 

Dear Steering Committee of the IChO,

Representatives, guests, ladies and gentlemen,

It gives me great pleasure to meet you online as the co-chair of this competition. On behalf of CPC Tianjin Municipal Committee and Tianjin Municipal Government, I would like to give my sincere welcome to all the guests and students who participate in the competition. I would also like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all the staff for organizing and serving this event.

With a history of more than 50 years, the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO), as the largest and most influential chemistry competition for young students in the world, is commonly referred as the Olympic Games of the chemical discipline. Over a thousand participants from more than 80 countries and regions will gather in Tianjin through Internet. To host IChO will bring a positive and far-reaching impact to Tianjin. First, it is a great opportunity for everyone to display talent, to inspire wisdom, and to deepen friendship with friends across the world. Second, it will certainly help to promote the communications among nations on both science and culture. Third, it will also enhance the level and vision of Tianjin chemistry education internationalization, inspire more young students to devote themselves to pursuing science and technology research in the future.

As one of the four municipalities in China, Tianjin is also the largest open coastal city in north China. With comprehensive advantages in location, industry, port, science and education, and national strategy, Tianjin is full of vitality for development. As an important birthplace of China's modern industry and an important frontier of China's modern chemical research and chemical industrialization, Tianjin has 39 out of 41 industrial categories, and its industrial system is well established. It is cultivating and improving 12 key industrial chains, such as green petrochemical, high-end equipment and integrated circuit. There are 56 institutions for higher education, including Nankai University and Tianjin University, and more than 170 innovation platforms and high-level R&D institutions, including national key laboratories and national engineering laboratories.

With the complete chain from basic research to ready products, there are 5 Haihe-river laboratories pooling top international experts to create Tianjin version of national treasure. In particular, Nankai University, as the main organizer of the competition, commits itself to beome a world-class university. Its chemistry discipline is an influential teaching and research base of chemistry both at home and abroad, and its aim is to cultivate a world-class discipline in the future. 

With a solid industrial foundation, outstanding scientific research strength, an open and inclusive development environment as well as an urban culture that combines ancient and modern elements with Chinese and western styles, Tianjin has provided a fertile ground and a broad stage for young students and talents of all kinds to display their talents, make innovations and start their own businesses.

Chemistry is an important fundamental subject in natural science, and one of the main methods and means for human beings to understand and transform the material world. It is ubiquitous in human production and life and future development. I hope this competition will attract more young students to devote themselves to chemical research, and sow more seeds of understanding and supports for chemistry in the whole society. At the same time, I hope representatives from all countries will be brave in innovation, show their brilliance and gain friendship. We will do our best to provide first-class service for the event and all the guests and participants in Tianjin.

Finally, I wish this International Chemistry Olympiad a complete success!