WAN Gang

Dear 54th IChO2022 Participants and Guests,

On behalf of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), I would like to extend sincere and warm welcome to you for the 54th IChO2022, the fun-filled and world-class event among the community of chemistry. 

Chemistry is a discipline of science that helps us understand the world. Discoveries made by chemists throughout history have contributed massively to the advancement of human civilizations. Like other scientists, chemists, by observing, thinking, experimenting and proving their innovative ideas, have developed scientific methodology and values as well as theories and concepts of the world of science. 

IChO was initiated because all nations have always attached great importance to the nurture of chemistry talents. Now entering its 54th year, IChO has presented challenges for secondary students, triggered their interest in science, and encouraged those who love chemistry. In addition, it offers the youth of the world a perfect chance to know each other and understand cultures other than theirs own.

CAST, as the largest organization of scientists in China, takes the credit for various science Olympiads and scientific research competitions among secondary students, and many top talents programs joined by renowned scientists. 

CAST has been committed to engaging the public with science and technology and inspiring innovation in the younger generation through science education programs and public events for dozens of years. As the co-host of the 54th IChO2022, CAST hopes to provide you with an exciting time and place where a high-integrity contest can be achieved and many long-lasting friendships can be made. And CAST also highly values to build partnership with all our counterparts from the rest of the world and along with them puts forward creating a community of shared future for science and technology.

On behalf of CAST, I would also like to recognize and acknowledge the enthusiasm, great efforts, and professional input of volunteers, staff, faculties and officials from governmental departments, Nankai University, Chinese Chemical Society and other organizations and institutions, which faithfully support the 54th IChO2022.

Finally, I wish you all a memorable and wonderful experience in the 54th IChO2022!