The emblem of the 54th International Chemistry Olympiad


The emblem is composed of a blast furnace, a seal, five auspicious clouds in the colors of the Olympic rings.

The blast furnace

Alchemy is the earliest chemical application in China. The furnace implies the origin of chemistry and pays tribute to the 27th International Chemical Olympiad held in Beijing in 1995.

The seal 

The seal derives from the traditional Chinese culture and now serves as the symbol of the host country, and pays tribute to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing.

The auspicious cloud

As an old Chinese saying goes, ‘The meeting of wind and clouds’, which is a metaphor for a capable person meeting a good opportunity, to express that this event is a great opportunity for leading young chemical students from all over the world to show their talents.

Colors of the Olympic rings

The colors of the Olympic rings are used to color the auspicious clouds, symbolizing the inheritance of the Olympic spirit. Students from five continents gather in one event and compete together.

Main color

Pale purple, also known as Nankai purple, is the University color which reflects the enthusiasm of Nankai University to welcome guests from all over the world and its determination to run this competition well.