Online Community ChemZone is Ready


ChemZone is an online community specially designed for the IChO2022 as the simulated virtual world, based on Roblox, in the hope of bringing all participants to meet up as if they were in the real world. Here, all IChO2022 students and guests can obtain free access to experience all kinds of fun things as well as using it as an information center, and an online social hub. 

You can customize your character as you wish and play your own roles in ChemZone. The central piazza for ChemZone is designed after the Nankai University campus, where it is signified by the IChO2022 symbols. Islands named after different continents provide handy features for IChO2022 information communication. Each island also provides entertaining mission associated with chemistry for players to try and compete. And there is also some landscape for player to travel and explore. 

The access for students and guests to enter ChemZone is now open. Are you ready? Come and join us at ChemZone! 

Reminder: ChemZone is only open to participants of IChO2022 during the competition. We have sent an email to mentors on how to register and log in to ChemZone. If you want to have a try, please ask the mentor of each team to reply the email.