The WeChat emoticons of the mascot of IChO2022 were released


The prototype of the mascot is a golden monkey, also known as the snub-nosed monkey, is one of the best-known endangered wild animals in China. 

The name of IChO2022 is called ‘Kem’, named after the English word of ‘Chemistry’. Kem always wears a pair of lab goggles, and enjoys exploring new ideas in the lab. The look highlighting that IChO is an International event for young chemistry enthusiasts.

Kem is also inspired by the popular figure Monkey King (Sun Wukong, simplflied:孙悟空), from Journey to the West. This mascot is seen as the modern version, who is passionate about chemistry and remains curiosity, it intends to inspire young people from all over the world to love science and enjoy IChO.

The WeChat emoticons acquisition method:

1. Search IChO2022 in the WeChat emoji store.

2. Scan the QR code below to add.

3. Download and save the emoticons below directly for other APP to add and use.