The 54th International Chemistry Olympiad Theoretical Examination has finished Completed


The 54th International Chemistry Olympiad Theoretical Examination began at 11:00 (UTC) July 13, the invigilators from participating countries and regions downloaded and printed the translated official versions of the examination through the Oly-Exams. The examination mainly covers inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, structural chemistry and analytical chemistry. From 10:00 (UTC) July 13, invigilators instructed students to start the examination to suit their own time zone. The examination lasted 5 hours and was conducted offline, with both online and offline invigilation to ensure the fairness and justice.

During the examination, Professor CHEN Jun, vice president of Nankai University, Executive Chairman and President of the Organizing Committee for IChO2022, went to the IChO2022 invigilation site of Haihe laboratory to patrol and guide the examination work and greet to all examination staff.

After the examination, the invigilators collected, sorted and scanned the answer sheets of each student within two hours as required, and uploaded the PDF file to the Oly-Exams system. 05:00 (UTC) July 14, all the examinations of 84 participating countries and regions have been successfully completed.