Executive Chairman of IChO2022 Inspected the Invigilation Site of IChO2022


On the afternoon of July 13th, Professor CHEN Jun, the Executive Chairman of the 54th International Chemistry Olympiad, President of Organizing Committee, vice chancellor of Nankai University paid a visit to the site of IChO2022. The site is located in Haihe Laboratory, and the purpose of his visit was to supervise the examination preparation site of IChO2022 was going smoothly according the plan. 

About the theoretical examination, CHEN first emphasized that the university and the Organizing Committee highly values the importance of the theoretical examination. he then focusing on the layout of the invigilation site and the deployment of the examination work and The relevant staff in charge of  Chemistry made a detailed introduction to the quantity, quality and operation of the video monitoring equipments, explained the invigilation workflow and the Invigilator Rotating System once the exam takes place.

“Though this competition is faced with the complex situation of offline examination and online and offline synchronous invigilation, which increases the difficulty of invigilation and the unpredictability of emergencies.” said CHEN Jun, “the Organizing Committee must firmly establish the central position of the theoretical examination over everything else. Meanwhile, the training guidance and support for the  examination staff needed to be refined to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the examination, and  to provide an excellent job in the safety of contestants for all countries and regions. At the meantime, all emergencies need to be responded and effectively handled in time.”

CHEN Jun also expressed his sincere thanks to the teachers from Peking University, Zhejiang University and Zhengzhou University who came all the way to support the proposition and examination work of the competition, then made an interesting and in-depth discussion on the link of theoretical examination and the scientific connotation with the above lecturers.  CHEN Jun expressed his condolences to all the examination staff to finish his visit in the exam. At last he said, “the International Chemistry Olympiad is currently progressing smoothly and it is the moment when things are entering a critical stage. Please continue your efforts, remember to balance your work and resting time, then the next step will be subsequent marking.”

It is reported that the 54th International Chemistry Olympiad theory examination was held from 11:00 (UTC) on July 13, and it covers the knowledge of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, structural chemistry, and analytical chemistry. The examination itself will last five hours, and each team would choose when to take it according to their time zone.