Today’s Featured Activity:


On July 16, IChO2022 held an activity ‘secrets of the sea’ online. Participants visited the National Maritime Museum of China and Tianjin Haichang Ocean Park. The National Maritime Museum is themed by ‘Ocean and Mankind’, where students saw the canoes, shells, the road map of ‘Zheng He's Voyage to the West’, the Chinese oceanographic research vessel, and the ‘On-site Waves Making’. In the Ocean and Astronomy Exhibition Hall they developed a deeper understanding of the relationship between the ocean and astronomy.

In Tianjin Haichang Ocean Park, students saw beautiful polar animals such as polar bears and beluga whales, and endemic Chinese species including Chinese sturgeon and giant salamander, as well as Yangtze finless porpoises and green sea turtles that thrived after rescue. After close observation of jellyfish and communication with its breeders, the students learned more about it.

After a day’s visit, the students acquired much knowledge about the ocean and astronomy, and gained a deep understanding of marine animals.