The medal of IChO2022


The medal measures 7.2 cm in diameter and is made of zinc alloy with 0.54 g gold, 5.4 g sliver and 54 g copper plated on the surface of gold medal, silver medal and bronze medal respectively.

The Design on the front

The main element is the emblem of the 54th International Chemistry Olympiad. The other two elements are: the octagon shape is the core of the Nankai University emblem, reflecting the spirit of facing in all directions, having a broad mind with wide-ranging knowledge, and forging ahead. The shading on the front is derived from the combination of the numbers 5 and 4, symbolizing the 54th International Chemistry Olympiad.

The Design on the back

The main element is the emblem of International Chemistry Olympiad, and the flame of the emblem is made by cloisonne technique. Cloisonne, a famous metal handicraft coloring technique in China, has a long history and is a national intangible cultural heritage in China. Other elements with chemical characteristics are used as the background. The shading design on the back is inspired by the ball and stick model of the molecule, reflecting the characteristics of the International Chemistry Olympiad.